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The Kojumi Project

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I'm back because someone left the most awful guestbook comment that says "you suck. eat a dick." I want you to all know I'm over here crying my eyes out Q  Q No...wait...My bad. I'm just fine .__. I want you to all know that that's childish and stupid. Am I supposed to delete the site or something cause someone told me to 'eat a dick'? And for you people who like to hate, I want you to know that it's as easy as clicking my computer mouse to delete a comment from the guestbook. And that's what I did. Thank you : )


AN UPDATE!!! I might put up more sample art soon...Or not...But I'll definately put up a Boondocks yaoi, four page, full color doujinshi soon ^ ^ I just need to finish the final page. Look on my DA to see the three pages so far. It's not mature content so you won't need an account.


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