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The Kojumi Project

What's New April, 2008 Archive


Well wadaya know...I'm back and months haven't even passed yet! Well...Whatever...I've been meaning to come back. And now that I have, I've come to see that I'll have to start organizing and changing things >_< For instance, how the hell are you gonna know if you want to view my art if you only have a single picture to look at? I'll start working on that...And have I mentioned I'm re-doing my Naruto fan manga? Well, I am >_< Be patient with me! I'm only 15. Oh...and I have no need for the nickname Koji. I'm Jess.



Yes, yes, yes...It seems I have the worse habit of leaving Kojumi abandoned. So sorry...I swear, though, I made a decision weeks ago and didn't forget it till now! I made the decision that all art work would be hosted solely on my deviantART from now on. Uploading to multiple sites is pointless. So, if you wanna check out my art, go to and look. Be noted, mature content (yes, I draw some of that) images can only be viewed by people with DAs.

April, 2008

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