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The Kojumi Project


Welcome to the Kojumi video vault^^ As you can see, I used to like to make videos. These ALL belong to Jess. None of the previous members helped out.


WARNING: Some of these videos might not be suited for viewers of younger age. There is sexuality, bad language (the f, s, and n words are blocked in text), humor issues, the word crack (not as in butt), and character suggestive themes. We try and keep it all at a minimum. Nudity will never be an issue. Younger viewers are still cautioned.

My Videos:

            Omyasaka’s Ultimate Naruto Fan Chat Room Chat Thingie

            Omyasaka’s Ultimate Jacked-Up Internet Dance Party

            Kojima-Chan’s Tributes and Minies

            Mah Name Is…

            Dear Diary

            NaruChat Beta! 

            DA Art Preview (1, 2)  New!