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The Kojumi Project

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Almost Christmas and I'm busy doing commissions on Gaia. I think I'll leave my art gallery for there...So much new stuff. Merry Christmas <3



I've just added three more images to my gallery. Plus, I've started a Gaia art shop! If you're interested, please come look Gaians.



It's Halloween! No, I didn't forget about Kojumi. Just scroll down and take a look at the nice little image I did ^  ^ Just for you all! I'm not sure if I've re-gained my past Kojumi viewers since I came back...But I'm trying! I was thinking and now I've decided...Commissions are open via Gaia only. Instead of money, you pay me with Gaia gold or items! I really hope I get some Gaia commissions...Then I might make it official ^  ^ Well...Have a great halloween!



Site's done! And now I have an extra site...For all the visual art related things ^  ^ I'll have only what I do from now on on there, so it's kind of puny right now ^^; Sorry for that! I'll try to get it all straightened out. But for now, there's a new manga! A Boondocks yaoi. How fun ^ ^ I also have a journal page up. Thanks for waiting!



I was banned from deviantART for something I won't mention to you all. All you need to know is I wasn't flamming, spamming, harassing, or anything that involved unwanted Internet contact with anyone or anything. So pretty much the whole situation is a load of bullsh**.


Which brings me tooo...I'M GONNA BE ADDING EVERYTHING TO KOJUMI!! Not the old stuff...Oh noes. I'll add new things as I go along, make a Boondocks section, make a page for all of my RP characters that I draw all the time, etc...I don't know when I'll finish but I'll keep the site un-updated till it's ALL done ^  ^


Oh...I'm on now. Username Omyasaka.




Old Art Samples

Antoine and Jesi Boondocks - Back to School I'm Seeing Stars P:U:N:K The Kids What Chu Want??

For more variety, better quality, larger images, and descriptions, visit my deviantART gallery.

Omyasaka's Art Shop

Click for my newer art <3

Please, if you have any comments, send them to me via the message box. It requires no e-mail or anything. It's anonymous^ ^ Unless you want to include your e-mail...It would really help me though if you took a moment to send a nice comment. Thank you.