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The Kojumi Project

The Kojumi Project Content Information

For any questions concerning the content of Kojumi, I, Jess, hope you can find out all you need to know from what's listed below. But if in any case you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to e-mail it to I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

(Updated) Content Information and Ratings

Language Information

All words MAY pop up, but not outrageously. Everything will be used for a reason, I promise. No racist words will be used, however. All things containing bad language will be marked appropriately.

Storyline Content

My storylines express what I want them to express, bad or not. I'll try to keep it clean and I will especially try not to affend anyone.

Visual Content

Mild nudity is on Kojumi, but it is marked as having such content. If you do not agree with nudity for the sake of art, please do not view it.

Kojumi Ratings

Old Kojumi ratings have become void but not removed. Now mere text before something tells how bad the content is or isn't.

Content Information and Ratings

Straight-Up Information

Well, Kojumi is not intended for smaller children. We use mild language most places and don’t want little kids seeing that. There is a strict no nudity policy. We also support anti-racism and anti-sexism.

Language Information

We only use words such as the a, d, h, and occasionally the b word. But, it’s not out of control and constant. We hardly ever use the f or s word. In videos (such as our chats), these two words are beeped out one way or another. But, the words have no censor in manga or fiction, not that they appear in every fiction or manga we have. Anything with any type of bad language are marked with the signs under the headline “Signs”. They indicate how bad the language content is.

Storyline Content

None of our storylines involve anything sexual or racist. We keep them as clean as possible. We have ratings to sort bad from good. The ratings are explained below.

Visual Content

We have no nudity in our visual content. Obscene gestures can be found in select things. We host nothing too bad. A character flicking someone off here, a guy being a perv there. And I repeat: there is not too much of this. It is rare to find it. If it’s there, it will be marked with a Visual content rating explained below.

Kojumi Ratings

These are ratings that say what Kojumi gives something (like Y+, 10+, etc.). They are to let you know how Kojumi thinks the content should be rated.


         Language Ratings: The lightest of the rating bars, language ratings are always at the top of the page. They go from clean, to mild, to bad.

         Storyline Content Ratings: Slightly darker than the language bars, storyline bars are located directly beneath them and rate how bad the storyline of something is. It goes from clean, to mild, to bad.

         Visual Content Ratings: Following the darker-as-they-go pattern, these ratings are second darkest. They say how bad images are. They go from no images available, to clean, to mild, to bad.

         Kojumi Ratings: The darkest of the ratings and the last one listed, Kojumi ratings rate how Kojumi sees the content to be. They go from Youth and up, to 10+, to T (13+), to OT (Older Teen, 16+).