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The Kojumi Project

Omyasaka's Ultimate Naruto Fan Chat Room Chat Thingie

WARNING: These videos contains mild language and suggestive dialogue and actions of characters about other Naruto characters. These things do not reflect the opinions of (all of) us.

By: Kojima
Project started: April 01, 2007
Number in the series (so far): 07

Mild Language
Mild Storyline Content
Clean Visuals
Kojumi gives this 10+

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Koji-Chan's Comments:


I love my chats! I only hope others do to. But even if they don't, I'll still continue to make them!


Chat Info:

Everyone who has ever appeared in any of the chats is included here:

  • KankuroGoesNumaNuma4Kitties = Kojima-Chan (Kojumi)
  • SasukesBabyGurl = Yumi-Kun (Kojumi)
  • not~EMO = Sasuke
  • USpinMeRightRound = Neji
  • PuppetPimp3000 = Kankuro
  • XxSaixUxL8erxX = Sai
  • SoundPython = Orochimaru
  • foxy_and_colorblind = Naruto
  • Snap_Yo_Fan = Temari
  • love-iz-a-4-letter-word = Gaara
  • big-smexy = Chouji
  • You-Dont-Need-Me = Gaara's old teddy bear
  • I_Do_Purple_Better_Than_Kankuro = Ino
  • flytrap101 = Zetsu
  • Orange&Swirlie = Tobi
  • real_PUPPETMASTER = Sasori
  • artsncrafts = Deidara

OMYASAKA'S DISCLAIMER THING (I don't even know what one really is...)

Please do not use any of my Naruto character screen names without asking me first, okay? All Naruto characters are copyright Masashi Kishimoto-San. All other characters belong to me and the rest of the Kojumi Project.