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The Kojumi Project

What's New June, 2007 Archive


Kojima-Chan: I've added on chapters 8, 9, and 10 of The Archer and the Pyro. I'd add on chapter 11 but it got deleted from Yumi-Chan's lap top and it didn't save to my disc ;_;



Kojima-Chan: Sorry, people for the lack of updates. I've been working on the latest Naruto chapter. On top of that I've just gotten back from Church Camp (it was hell). And to stress me out on my first day back home, I just realized something: Chan is for girls and Kun is for boys. I NEVER KNEW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;_; Nobody ever told me and I don't know where to go for all of these Japanese terms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;_; Now I have to go around and change everything! I even have to change some manga pages and messages. I'm off to do that.



Kojima-Chan: As if the first chapter of Naruto: Assassins wasn't sweet enough! I have dig up from the deep crevices of my manga archive on my computer the intro manga to Sakamoto-Chan's The Post Office! I've re-mastered and colored it just for you!! Take a look and prepare to demand more^^



Kojima-Chan: Naruto: Assassins chapter 01 if here! I'm sooooo sorry for the 8 day delay! I feel soooo bad>_< And I feel even worse being as I had to make it four pages short! But those pages will be included in the next chapter. I'm still not sure when Bridge will be here. I may put the rough draft here in a few days. But I'm going to get started on the next chapter of my Naruto fan manga now so that it is not late again! Oh, and chapter 01 isn't all blurry like the intro was^^



Kojima-Chan: I have written a short story! Read it^^



Yumi-Chan: This may not be big to anyone else but I am exited about it. Me and Kojima get to go see the first Naruto movie that comes out in North America! It is for my birthday so I am pretty exited, cause I get stuff. *cough cough* Kojima, I hope my pics are finished. lol.



Kojima-Chan: Sakamoto-Chan's Danna Chapter 01 and The Post Office Chapter 01 has been added to the new Writings section!^^


A few things have changed around here.....The About Us page is different, I've added a Writings page, and I've put up Sakamoto-Chan's writing^^ Enjoy the changes!



Kojima-Chan: -_- Damn, Yumi....It's not like she died.....she didn't even move out of state! She's just, like, an hour or more away....


Okay.....So you know how the Kojumi content basically revolves around me? Well, our writer, Sakamoto-Chan, has given me permission to put some of her things here^^ We'll have an origional story called Danna, another origional called The Post Office, and the manga intro chapter to The Post Office (intro illustrated and written by Kojima Omyasaka). I'll try and get that done soon!


(Naruto: Assassins probably won't be posted until next week. Sooooo sorry!)



Yumi-Chan: I am finally an 8th grader!! Man I hated 7th grade...anyways, we are all gonna miss Hara-Chan a bunch. ;_; I hope we get to see her all again!

June, 2007

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