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The Kojumi Project

What's New January, 2008 Archive


Kojima-Chan: Well, it looks like I've missed the Kojumi new ywar by a long shot....But you can read A Blood-Sucking Christmas. It might be too late now to mention it, but I've had it uploaded onto Kojumi since December. I'm so sorry....I've just been really...Not all together lately. >.< But I'm working on it! I want to try to get on Kojumi at least once a week! Plus, I'll try to upload my artwork here the day I upload it onto my DA.


Well, I want to reply to something someone put into the GB. They had no e-mail, so I have to answer it like this. The message was:


Hey! You sent the pirate girl to oblivion. She was cool all you never care. And I liked your stories. I liked Yume the best. Rai sounded SO COOL!!! But Yume was all "I WANT YOU TO CALL ME YUME!" how do you come up with this stuff. Someone had to have helped you!


I’m guessing the person is a fan of The Archer and the Pyro….Which I need to write more for…And Yuurei Shi (which will have a special in a few months). Well, I did have Kyamari send the pirate (Ayoko) to oblivion (under Kyumaru’s merciless influence). It was to demonstrate Kyamari’s first step into insanity, which will become clearer later on. Yumi is a good character, only a bit too harsh toward those she has even tiny grudges against. Still, she’s the important best friend figure. I do come up with all of this stuff on my own. People give me minor suggestions, but all in all I have no real help. There’s only one real collaboration in my inventory. It’s hard to do it myself, but I love to create, so I do it anyway.


Well, anywho...There's chapter one of (so far) two of my Spider-Man fan fic in my writings section...But It's late and I don't feel like putting a direct link....Srry...I'll try and add some art pieces from my DA here tomorrow, if I can. Well, Koji out!

January, 2008

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