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The Kojumi Project

What's New May, 2007 Archive


Kojima-Chan: We had our 8th grade "promotion" tonight. Me, Sakamoto-Chan, and Hara-Chan are officially 9th graders! HELLZ YEAH!!!!!!! (Yumi-Chan is going to be in 8th grade next year) Anywho, you can view some pictures I took after graduation (while I'm still in my graduation clothes) here on MySpace.


Okay, on the subject of manga, I made Hara-Chan cry^^ Short review: Hara's moved away from Moto-Chan, Yumi-Chan, and I so she won't be going to the same school or keeping her duties as editor;_;. Anywho, like I posted before, I put off the chapter of Naruto: Assassins and the already put of manga minnie (I really need to learn how to spell that work properly>_<) Bridge to make her a chapter of a manga I've decided to call (at the last minute) Slow Bus. (Slow Bus may or may not be posted on-line anytime soon or at all.) It made Hara-Chan cry^^ She was so happy!


Oh, and I forgot to mention, Hara broke her foot sometime late last week. She's going to have to get surgery tomorrow;_; But she'll be all right. They need to re-aligne the bone properly. I hope it doesn't hurt>_<


SOOOOOOOOOO SORRY FOR PUTTING OFF NARUTO: ASSASSINS AND BRIDGE!!!!!!!!! The Naruto manga may arrive on time due to no school and nothing better to do tomorrow^^ Bridge is still in all rough drafts and not even those have all been drawn out. Soooooo sorry!



Kojima-Chan: I have added a picture of my character India to commemorate Memorial Day. Now hear me out: Please take the time to salute our fallen. Even if you don't know anybody who has died on duty, please have a moment of silence or prayer for those who have fallen slodiers and for those fallen soldiers. Take a moment to remember any person you once knew who is now no longer with you. Pray, tell your family you love them, call a friend to tell them your sorrows, or have a talk with God. Let your tears flow, I won't tell. Peace for all and God bless everyone. - Kojima Omyasaka

Remember the Fallen--India salute


Kojima-Chan: Okay. I'm bored and irritated. Because Yumi died (I'm just rushing to conclusions. She hasn't been on her computer or called me a million times since sometime yesterday even though she was supposed to) I have nobody to talk to, so it's time I entertain myself! I am expanding the Kojumi horizon>_<!!! I have started uploading our videos onto the DailyMotion (TheKojumiProject), and I think I like it better than YouTube. But I will still upload the videos on YouTube, though after I put them on the Daily.


Back on the main subject, you can view where The Kojumi Project is laying roots on the Expansion Directory page that will eventually be listed on the navigation strip. I ask you to please give me more ideas of where to go. I only know so many sights on my own. Thank you - Kojima^^



Kojima-Chan: I feel a little bad about not being able to put the Naruto fan manga chapter here or Bridge (see last post below) so I have decided to upload my Naruto Kareoke project here. You can view it at the bottom of the page. I wasn't going to add it for a while, but I decided it's for the best. Enjoy^^



Kojima-Chan: I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry people!! ;_; Hara-Chan (editor) has moved about an hour away from the rest of us. She won't be going to the same school with Sakamoto-Chan and me, so I have decided to do something for her. I'm making a chapter for a manga about the gang here at Kojumi^^ It won't be anything big and it probably won't hit Kojumi for months, but I really want to do this for her. I'll try as hard as I can to get the Naruto chapter uploaded as close to the deadline as possible. It may not be June 1 after all. Sooooooooooo sorry!



Kojima-Chan: We now have writing! You can read the first seven chapters of , written by me. That reminds me, WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES ANYTHING AROUND HERE YUMI?!



Kojima-Chan: Rai's SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>_<



Yumi-Chan: If you visit the site, please leave a comment in our GUESTBOOK.(All you do is click Sign my Guestbook.) Tell us if you like what you see, or things we could do to make our site better. Thanks! A special thanks to all our regular visitors, if we have any, lol. :-) 



Kojima-Chan: I've added a page for the art piece Kojima in Kimono. It features everything I've done with that image, not just the origional scanned image. It features the pic in colors like blue and red and bw.


Plus, I've done a few things to help the site home page load faster.



Kojima-Chan: There's a new image in the artwork section. It's Mirochi-Chan from my Naruto fan manga. She's soooooooo cute!!!^^



Yumi-Chan: Well there is new artwork in the ARTWORK section of the website. Check it out! We really hope you like it!



Kojima-Chan: Yay! The new Naruto Chat has been added! It can be viewed below.



Kojima-Chan: I guess I didn't get around to telling you that I added another picture of a girl from my Naruto fan manga. Avril is in the art section. Check her out^^



Kojima-Chan: She Only Smiles When it Rains has been added^^



Kojima-Chan: As you can all see, I've changed the outline^^ There's a lot more stuff, but I don't feel like listing it.



Yumi-Chan: Think again, Koji. You have major work to do. GET IT DONE NOW!!! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!! That will be all. Humph...



Kojima-Chan: Today I think I'll take a break from doing the Naruto fan manga and edit and clean up the sight a bit. It's getting a little out of order so I'm thinking I'll straighten it up a little bit. The archive is getting out of place and my Naruto manga needs a space of its own. Plus, I need to make room for my origional manga She Only Smiles When it Rains. That gets added on the 10 at around 4-4:30 in the afternoon, central time. I think I'll take it easy for a while.



Kojima-Chan: I'm still a little shaken about my fan manga being released for people to see...but at least I've gotten a lot of good reviews! That makes me happy^_^ Oh, and to take away the tension I've added a new link back to here. See it here.





Kojima-Chan: THE MANGA IS HERE!!!!!!!!!



Yumi-Chan: Today is my dad's birthday! Kojima-Chan pushed herself to get the manga finished for him! HAPPY B-DAY DAD!!!! ♥ YA!!!



Kojima-Chan: OMFG >_<!!!!! The Naruto fan manga is schedueled for release at around 7 this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It was going to be 4 but complications set it back a few hours)

May, 2007

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