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The Kojumi Project

What's New Febuary, 2008 Archive


Yeah, I'm not doing too well with this anymore....I need to get more Kojumi material up!  I'M GETTING TOO LAZY!!!!!!!! >_< I dunno what to do anymore...I really need to get a new chapter of NA up. It's been a while...And, I promise I'm adding new images as I type! Only, because I have a free web hosting package, I only get so much data space. Well, I'm in the red. I need to move information. So, I'm making an extention sight for Kojumi's art exclusively. I'll try and get it up and running by tonight. Promise. Oh, and if you check out the art page, you'll see signs of it being under construction. I decided I'd make another sight halfway into making new columns for new art. Srry.

Febuary, 2008

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