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The Kojumi Project

What's New August, 2008 Archive


Here three days in a row...Yayz! Anywho...Just wanted to say that I now have the links page back up. I deleted all the old links to Kojumi and made 10 new ones :) I might make buttons, next...Well, you can get to the links page by using the new link on the right.



I was true to my word :) The side banner's of better quality, you can view samples of 6 of my art pieces on the home page, I've made the manga page better and added comic strips from my DA, deleted unneeded pages from the sight, and I'm going to be doing more today ^ ^ I dunno how long this streak of me being interested in Kojumi will be, but I hope I do enough that it's much better than how it's been left all these months. Anywho...I'm off to do more!



...Okay. I'mma try and do as much on the site as I can...I came to clean up the archive, but I realized I missed Kojumi's first birthday...That makes me sad ;__; Oh well...I'mma try and get as much done here today as possible. Oh, disreguard the side banner and its bad quality. It's all I have at the moment and I will make something better later. Kay? ^ ^ That's Micah by the way...I <3 him :)

August, 2008

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