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The Kojumi Project

What's New April, 2007 Archive


Yumi-Chan: Guess What!! We are coming out with a new video called "Naruto American Idol" You can listen to the intro to it below this posting...


Kojima-Chan: It's gonna be a while before the video is made for it though...(I really REALLY don't wanna animate this!!!!!!!!) Just so you know, the voice of Iruka Sensei is me, Kojima. Tell me what you think, okay?


Kojima-Chan: The cover of my last minute manga "She Only Smiles When it Rains" has been added to my art section on my TOKYOPOP account. It's also replacing the cover of my Naruto fan manga in the manga section. The full minie manga (only 5 pages counting the cover) will be added on the tenth. The Naruto fan manga is going to be added the first.



Kojima-Chan: The 6th Naruto Chat is finished! I'm adding it to YouTube an it'll be posted here soon. It will be the last one for a while, so, in that time, please stop by to check up on my manga and artwork. Thank you^^



Kojima-Chan: I've finaly decided that I won't be able to add "Bridge" to a TOKYOPOP collab as I had told people before. There is a page with WAY too much inking and deadline ends tomorrow. So instead I'll be sending in something called "She Only Smiles When it Rains." "Bridge" will be sent to him next month and will appear here in June.


I might have Naruto Chat #6 posted here by tomorrow. Maybe. It will be the continuation of #5. The next might not be out anywhere for a while. It will be a special Akatsuki edition. I'm taking a break from non-Naruto characters in the chats for a while, as well.


I'm going to add a section that features my artwork, so be looking for that^^ I think it's time for that to come onto the site. I don't think these videos cover it.


Until next time, see ya -- Kojima-Chan



Kojima-Chan: The 5th Omyasaka's Ultimate Naruto Fan Chat Room Chat Thingie (let's start calling it Naruto Chat) is out now! I do warn you, it is a bit rude on a higher level, so younger audiences take caution. But it's not all that bad. We've finaly added Ino. Plus, there's a new girl (not from an anime). It's different from all the others because Yumi-Chan helped with the script^^ So I can't take all the credit for this one! I hope you all enjoy. Please comment through e-mail or via YouTube. Thankx!



Kojumi-Chan: OMG!! I just added the colored cover of my Naruto fan manga to the site. You can see it on the Manga page.



Kojima-Chan: I just added "Diary of Sand" to YouTube. It can be viewed below. I'll make it's page later...It's late and I need to go to bed. Plus, I'm in the middle of practicing using my new tablet. I'm going to make a section for my art, by the way. No time soon, but I will.



Kojima-Chan: Now people can read my blog on TOKYOPOP. It features updates on my videos, manga, artwork, etc. Plus it will contain my inner most deepest thoughts...And probably a lot about how much I love Kankuro^^ Which reminds me, I'll be adding a clip called "Diary of Sand," so don't miss that! Oh, my blog URL is I'll try and write in it frequently. TOKYOPOP people, please comment!!!



Kojima-Chan: I've added a new section called "Mah Name is..." and so far it features only Sasuke from Naruto. What is it? I use (poor) illustrations I have made and use my own voice for the voice of the character via my microphone! I do warn you, I may have made fun of him and might coincidentally make fun of even more characters in the future...^^. I think I'm going to add some InuYasha or Furuba fan minies next and the cover for my Naruto fan manga is going to be released onto the site sometime this weekend.

April, 2007

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